HEC Design now in final stages

The Harvey Education Center design is now in the final stages.  The HEC design team will be pulled together for one last meeting to provide input on finishes.  The committee will look at product types such as rubber, vinyl, linoleum, etc. as options for a resilient surface in the classrooms. We will also look at color selections for wall and trim paint, carpet options, rubber base colors and laminate colors.  The schedule is to have bid documents out by July 6th and due to the district on August 1st.  Ground breaking is scheduled for mid to late August.

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AV Upgrades will begin this summer

The district is carefully reviewing classroom AV equipment for future installation.  As a district, we want to match the new classroom technology to our instructional goals and objectives.  We plan for the HEC, high school and  middle school classrooms to be upgraded in the summer of 2019.  North Aurelius and Alaiedon in the summer of 2020 and Steele in Phase 2.

Over the summer, technology improvements ($770,000+) will include replacing switch infrastructure in each building which is currently up to 14 years old. Wireless connectivity will be significantly improved across the district.  Backup batteries will be installed in each building to provide at least one hour of power to phones in case of a power outage.  In addition, the computer labs at the elementary schools and middle schools will be re-purposed, the business classes at the high school will be upgraded, and some PA systems will be improved.

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Soil Borings will begin at Harvey Education Center

Development work will be underway at the Harvey Education Center this week. In order to test the soil surrounding the building prior to the development work beginning, soil borings will be done. This is an important step in learning about the makeup of the soil surrounding the building so the architects and engineers can put together a plan for site development. #strongersmartersafer

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Bond Projects: Phase 1 Overview

MPS Bond Phase 1 Design Process

Phase 1 of the Capital Improvement Project is fully underway with various committees forming, meeting and making final recommendations to the Capital Improvement Committee. Based on the initial plans for Phase 1, the timeline will be as follows:

May 2018 – Bond Sale Complete

August 2018 – Harvey Education Center Groundbreaking

December 2018 – Construction Bidding Process Begins for North Aurelius Elementary & Alaiedon Elementary

Spring 2019 – North Aurelius Elementary & Alaiedon Elementary Groundbreaking

August 2019 – Harvey Education Center Complete

August 2020 – North Aurelius Elementary & Alaiedon Elementary Complete

Specific information about groundbreakings and building completion will be shared with the community as plans are finalized.


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