Staff and students will have the chance to test new furniture at the Middle and High Schools

Two classrooms at Mason High School and two classrooms at Mason Middle School are participating in a pilot to be outfitted with different furniture styles and configurations over Holiday Break. Students and staff will have the opportunity to test out the furniture styles and configurations in order to get a better sense of which types of furniture will be best for Mason as well as which types will be best for a grade or a subject. A secondary level furniture committee has been meeting this past year and will utilize the feedback from this pilot to make the recommendations to the district.

During this pilot, the furniture will be installed at the middle school in the classrooms of Ellyn Delpier (Grade 8 ELA) and Laura Lewis (Grade 8 ELA). At the high school, the furniture will be installed in the classrooms of Jeremy Cunningham (ELA) and Amy Kelly (Math).

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